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Enter a world of magic and battle, where your wits and reflexes will be pushed to their limits! Choose your spells, enter the ever-changing arena and prepare to obliterate all who stand in your way!

Inspired by arena and player vs. player classics, such as League of Legends, Super Smash Brothers, and the Warcraft 3 Mod, Warlocks, Spellsworn is a PvP arena game in which you must use magic and quick reflexes to outsmart and obliterate your opponent. Set in a world gripped by a war of magic, you and other spellcasters fight for control over 5 rounds of battle in areas of power.

About the Team

Founded in April 2016, Frogsong Studios is an independent games studio based in Malmö, Sweden. Brought together by the warm hand of fate while interning during their studies at The Game Assembly, Stefan, Jonathan, Anders, and Mattias found they shared common interests, a drive for success and a love for caffeinated beverages. Realising they were a balanced unit that individually brought something unique to the table, they decided to keep their partnership together after graduation, and in April, 2014, they created Frogsong Studios. From there, the team has grown in size and scope while working with industry leaders, such as Tarsier Studios, ustwo, and The Game Assembly. The team is currently in pre-production for the studio's second title all while supporting, Spellsworn - an online PVP arena game, which was exclusively released March 13th 2018 on Steam.

Stefan Jonsson


Running the business side of the company Stefan is the CEO and the one running errands aside the game devlopment ranging from finding publishing deals to striking up new consulting gigs for the studio. His passion for game development started with creating levels and mods in the WarCraft 3 custom games era and he has brought that passion to his work on Spellsworn. He one day dreams of becoming an omnipotent developer with skills in all fields and of having his own office filled with corgis and coffee.

Anders Thelin

Art Lead

Anders is the elder statesman of Frogsong Studios and along with managing the art direction and projects with Jonathan, he handles the day-to-day management for the team. He has a great love for creativity and art in almost any form and has worked in many creative industries, such as comics and film-making. His prior experience in these fields feed well into his work in the games industry, allowing him to offer a broad and informed insight on art and design decisions.

Jonathan Gard

Art Lead

Having played video games for as long as he can remember, Jonathan began sketching and designing game worlds and characters from a young age. Those sketches and designs evolved into comics, art and game design education over time. Now, as one of the artists and founders of Frogsong Studios, he is finally creating the worlds he dreamed of as a child, while continuing to play and love games.

Mattias Lindblad

Programming and Technical Director

As one of the four founders of Frogsong Studios, Mattias specializes in the programming and technical aspects of development, and is the technical director for the team. His interest in game development, particularly programming, began at the early age of eleven. Since then, his passion for the field has only grown -- today, with the help of his love for caffeinated beverages, he's amassed some twenty thousand hours worth of programming and he's not planning on stopping anytime soon.

Rest of the Gang

Kristoffer "Zacho" Olsson

Lead Programmer

The technical handy-man of the team, Zacho is a passionate programmer that oversees and manages the daily programming tasks and projects.

Ingunn "Mighty" Hammer-Olsen


Originally from Norway and a newcomer to the industry, Mighty works with Anders and Jonathan to make Frogsongs Studios' art and projects as awesome as possible.

Andreas Broqvist


Having worked in the industry for over 2 years after graduating from The Game Assembly, Andreas now assists Mattias and Zacho with the day-to-day programming and tasks.

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